Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let Me Smell Yo Dick

I have no idea who these beeotchs are, but they have some good ghetto advice for all you women left at home while your boy is out doing some tranny looking white girl...when he gets home...SMELL HIS DICK., apparently the fact that you even had the thought of SMELLING his dick in the first place might be reason enough to leave him has completely missed these chicks. First off, if you think he is cheating...he probably is. If you think smelling his dick is going to make you feel better...well, have at it. Personally I don't think the sent of a sweaty nut sack is all that yummy so I'm gonna pass on the dick smelling and stick with trusting my husband.

On an off note, does this fat dudes t-shirt remind anyone else of Tide detergent? Just me? Ok...never mind.

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