Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This Is Why I Hate Celebrity Photos

You'd think with all the celebrity photos I post that I'm in gaga love with the idea of them...well, I guess we all are to a certaine extent, but when I see touch-ups to body size it just pisses me off royally. As a woman who has suffered from body dysmorphia I find this type of retouching horrid. I was a size 4...yes, size 4 (and i'm 5'9") and I was too embarrased about my body to dress anything that showed my shape. I thought I was fat...I wonder why? not so hard to wonder when you see photos like these. Stuff like this should be banned. You want a zit gone? Ok, but dont change the shape of someone or enhance their tits digitially. Newspapers aren't allowed to do this. You know why? It's dishonest...

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