Thursday, November 6, 2008

Your Helpful Facial Hair Guide

I love facial hair. My very own husband has some of the best facial hair around. What I don't like is facial hair that is unkept or just plain fugly. How will you know what constitutes bad facial hair? Here are some easy rules to follow

1. The Porntasche - You don't want this hairy piece of work adorning your upper lip. When is it okay to actually have a porntasche....well, maybe only if you really do work in porn...and even then your female fans will hate you.

2. The Mutton Chops - Unless you are trying out for a part to play the next Wolverine, then don't have these. I hate these. Men who wear these damn things look like their face is covered in so much skin oil that their beards would leave grease marks on your lapels. Its horrid and nasty.

3. The I Just Don't Give A Shi'ite Beard - Sometimes this look can work (see Russell Crowe). In most cases this look will have people wondering if you're alcoholic, suicidal, or both.

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