Monday, October 13, 2008

Hong Kong Memories and Narcotic Dreams

Occasionally I remember the days when I used to run multiple websites dedicated the drivel (i.e. Gossip) coming out of the Hong Kong cinema scene and I end up weeping like a baby when you take away its binkie.
I dedicated thousands of hours to building and promoting these sites and what do I have to show for it today? Nothing. I did a random search today looking for the old sister sites that I would hunt thru to pilfer news to pass off as my own. You know what I found? Nothing. I couldn't even find one of them still up and running. Even Tony Leung Chiu Wai's "largest non official site" is no longer owned and run by the same gal. It's since lost its original flavor, and hence I stopped visiting.
I miss those days. The days in which I spent 7 odd hours of my employers time building my site rather than doing the collections work I was hired for. I don't even know if the HK crowd ever forgave Ekin for cheating on his GF or if Nic Tse is still banging Ms. Robinson (i.e. Faye Wong). These things are some 10 years old...and I just feel old now.
So...I'm blogging now...or again...because thats all my old site really used to be. Well any news site back then was really a blog before we had blog sites. We'd create hastily patched together HTML and post the news (er...gossip) items as fast as we could. It didn't matter that 90% of us were stealing from the same HK news source. The real goal was to see who could post their stolen news fastest. On those rare mornings when I posted them first I would bask in the sweet nectar of triumph...and then promptly try to do it all over again.

So, the question must be asked...why am I doing this again? Easy...I'm not in the mood to work any more (or very much at the very least) so I'm posting this blog whilst I should be billing Medicare. Oh the joys of being a slacker...

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