Friday, October 17, 2008

Katie Holmes Hearts Scientology

I used to like Katie Holmes before she started letting that asshole Tom Cruise bone her...then turn her into a Scientology whore. Now I hate her even more because she wore this hideous outfit to the Broadway premiere of her show All My Sons . Dude, what the hell? Is she trying out for the Redux of Golden Girls?? Has anyone else noticed that since she's been with Scientology's annoited one she has started dressing like an old woman on a cruise? WTF?

On a more humrous note, the other photos are of the anti-Scientology group Anonymous. They showed up at the premiere touting signs designed to break Katie out of her zombie trance. Sadly, the police pushed them down the street but onlookers say you could still hear their shouts as Katie hobbled in on her cane.

Did I mention I hate Tom Cruise?

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